Our broad and balanced curriculum

The Archer Academy is committed to achieving the highest standards for each and every student. We have made it our priority to ensure that Archer students are well-rounded individuals with the qualifications and skills that universities and employers will be looking for in the years ahead.

Central to our curriculum is an absolute expectation that all Archer students will work hard; indeed, valuing hard work because it leads to success is promoted in all aspects of life at our school. Our teaching and learning strategies are designed to make students feel engaged, enthused and eager to do their best, and our hand-picked teaching staff are approachable, well-qualified specialists with a passion for learning.

As a result, lessons at the Archer Academy are a cooperative and stimulating experience; we believe that learning is an active process and that it should always be rewarding, never dull and often fun. Our students study the national curriculum, but we see this as a minimum entitlement; our thematic learning programmes and cross-curricular work far exceed statutory requirements.

You can view the curriculum plans for each year group here: