Vision and values

Our vision

Our three-fold vision for the Archer Academy is rooted in our desire to provide an outstanding, inclusive and ambitious education for local children, an experience that they will relish and that will prepare them for adult life. It underpins every aspect of life at the Archer Academy, and is the benchmark against which we measure our success.

Realising potential

Helping students to achieve personally, socially and academically to the best of their abilities. Our outstanding teachers set high standards and challenge each and every student to fulfil their individual potential, both in their studies and through extra-curricular activities.

Inspiring creativity

Providing an enjoyable and inspirational education that encourages students to be analytical, inventive and self-motivated. This commitment to creativity and analytical thinking applies across the whole curriculum as well as our extra-curricular opportunities.

Engaging with our community

Ensuring that students respect others and value working with others for mutual benefit. The Archer Academy is a school with its roots in the community, and so responsibility and participation are fundamental to our ethos.

“Pupils make outstanding progress and reach high standards. They also develop into well-rounded individuals by adopting the ‘Archer Way’.”
Ofsted, 2019

The Archer Way

Working alongside our vision is the Archer Way, a set of values which are at the heart of Archer Academy life. These values are designed to guide our students in how to approach their learning, and indeed all other activities, at school and beyond.


We will strive to achieve to the best of our abilities and to experience the delight of success.

Respect for others

We will treat everyone with kindness and both listen to and value different opinions, beliefs and cultures.


We will delight in being inquisitive, analytical and having a strong desire to know and learn more.

Hard work

We recognise that personal motivation and determination are an essential part of achieving success.


We will take every opportunity to experience the fun and excitement of learning.


We pride ourselves on being globally aware and making a positive contribution to the life of the school and wider community.