Development and training

The value we place on our staff means we prioritise their career and personal development. We are committed to helping them progress within our school; we love it when they stay and grow with us, while also celebrating with them when they find new opportunities elsewhere.

  1. Access to accredited CPD
  2. A clear structure for internal mentoring
  3. External support from trusted partners

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Access to accredited CPD

We have invested in professional partnerships with the Prince’s Institute and PIXL, which give access to subject-specific accredited CPD. We are also members of the Ambition Institute, and proactively support staff in studying for national professional qualifications including MPQSL and NPQH.

“Staff value the high-quality professional development they receive, and they are proud to work at the school.” Ofsted, 2019

A clear structure for internal mentoring

We also have a clear internal mentoring process, with a designated member of SLT leading on professional development. We hold half-termly teacher learning communities, which see us working together on pedagogy, teaching and learning, and classroom practice. We also encourage staff to explore action research projects and have supported several through Masters qualifications.

“There are lots of opportunities to be creative and mould your own career path. I started as a HoY, then moved to lead a department, and I’m now doing a national professional qualification in senior leadership to create a path towards being an Assistant Head.” Department Director

External support from trusted partners

We regularly invite School Improvement Partners into our school to act as a critical friend, helping us stay on the front foot, ask ourselves difficult questions, and identify and celebrate our strengths. Our teachers work hard, but they enjoy themselves too, and are supported to develop their skills and experience at every step.

“Supporting my staff is one of my most important responsibilities and I get to know all my staff personally. They may not know what their ambitions are in the early days of their career – or even mid-way through – but whether they want to be in the classroom, or in leadership and management, I will give them the time to explore their ambitions, and the professional development opportunities to make them a reality.” Lucy Harrison, Headteacher