Why join us?

We are proud to be a first-choice community comprehensive, and are committed to creating opportunities for both staff and students to thrive with us. There are lots of reasons why we think our school is a brilliant place to work; here are our top five.

  1. High aspirations for staff and students
  2. Extensive CPD opportunities
  3. A strong focus on staff wellbeing
  4. A supportive environment and culture
  5. A rich, imaginative curriculum with excellent outcomes

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High aspirations for staff and students

Our school is a place where every member of the community is supported and challenged to do their best. We have created a can-do culture in which staff are encouraged to be creative, try new ideas, and take a few risks, with the safety net of a supportive SLT. And we inspire our students to be brave, get stuck in, and lean into every opportunity we offer. We help everyone open doors for the future – whilst making sure they enjoy the here and now.

“Leadership is exceptional. Pupils make outstanding progress and reach high standards. They also develop into well-rounded individuals by adopting the ‘Archer Way’.” Ofsted, 2019

“Working with the Head is an absolute joy. She listens and is receptive to ideas. And it’s clear that the SLT’s goal is not just that students achieve their very best, but staff as well.” Director of Maths

Extensive CPD opportunities

The value we place on our staff means we prioritise their personal and professional development. We offer a wide-ranging CPD programme, including partnerships with external organisations and a clear internal mentoring process, led by a member of SLT. We love it when our staff stay and grow with us, while also celebrating with them when they find new opportunities elsewhere.

“Staff value the high-quality professional development they receive, and they are proud to work at the school.” Ofsted, 2019

“There is a real commitment to staff at this school, with lots of opportunities to be creative and mould your own career path.” Director of MFL

A strong focus on staff wellbeing

Our school is a happy place, and that doesn’t happen by accident; we work hard to make it, and keep it, that way. Our Staff Wellbeing Committee meets regularly to explore ways to make life better for us all, and our wellbeing offer includes sabbatical opportunities, free weeks, and a specialist staff wellbeing platform. We are also open to flexible working, with a number of part-time staff, and are continuing to evolve the flexibility we can offer.

“Community is a big thing here, and a lot of time is taken to discuss how to improve the experience of staff members and make it a lovely place to work. We feel the impact all the time.” Director of Social Sciences and Personal Development

“I feel supported by staff at all different levels, and by parents too. The governors also give us excellent support and their approach to wellbeing has been really noted by the staff.” Assistant Headteacher, Safeguarding

A supportive environment and culture

Our campus school set-up has allowed us to create two distinct atmospheres that match our students’ life stages. Lower School, home to years 7, 8 and 9, is where our younger students get to find their feet in a caring, supportive and creative space. Upper School has a more college-like atmosphere, with a greater focus on scholarship and individual study, and more adult-to-adult relationships between staff and students.

“Leaders, staff and pupils work together to make the school a harmonious community. Pupils are respectful, courteous and kind to each other.” Ofsted, 2019

“It’s a small school, with community at its heart, so we know each child, and understand what makes them tick. Students and staff know and care about each other, and we get the chance to be creative every day.”  Director of MFL

A rich, imaginative curriculum with excellent outcomes

We have designed a curriculum that blends subject specialism with the richness of wider learning, and offers the chance to explore knowledge and skills that go beyond the national curriculum. We are fiercely proud of the achievements of our non-selective students, which place us consistently in the top 10% of schools nationally. They are a testament to both the environment we have created and the professionalism and determination of our staff team.

“Teachers plan lessons that stretch pupils’ understanding. Consequently, pupils are keen to learn, listen intently and demonstrate a thirst for knowledge… they appreciate being challenged and they enjoy thinking at a high level.” Ofsted, 2019

“Our students are inquisitive and energetic and want to work with staff and make the most of their learning.” Assistant Headteacher, Safeguarding


You can view any current vacancies here.