Staff wellbeing

We know that our staff are our biggest asset. So we put their wellbeing at the heart of school life, and make sure that every member of our team is equipped with the tools and conditions they need to thrive personally and professionally.

  1. Staff Wellbeing Committee
  2. Flexible working and additional leave
  3. A supportive school community
  4. Time to relax and come together
  5. Specialist wellbeing support

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Staff Wellbeing Committee

Our Staff Wellbeing Committee meets monthly to explore and implement the big and little things that make life better for us all. From reducing email overload and taking pressure points out of the calendar, to holding termly open meetings to action plan around key parts of school life, the committee doesn’t just give staff a voice – it’s listened to, and acted on.

“The Head has an open-door policy, and anyone can come and discuss things with her. When it comes to supporting life decisions, she is usually a few steps ahead of you.”  Department Director

Flexible working and additional leave

We are open to offering flexible working opportunities where possible, and have several part-time members of teaching and support staff. Staff also have the option to apply for a sabbatical after three years of service, and we schedule an extended Christmas holiday (covering three weekends) and an occasional day in November.

“I had plans to travel and thought I would have to leave, but when I spoke to the Head she was very supportive, and worked to create a sabbatical programme – which is now part of school policy.” Department Director

A supportive school community

We’ve worked hard to create a supportive community with a strong team ethic; we all want the best for our students and each other, and we pull together to achieve it. Our SLT are highly approachable and keen to help, and our positive relationships with parents and governors have been noted by our staff.

“It’s a small school and everyone knows everyone. The team ethic is excellent, and everyone will go above and beyond for you.”  Assistant Headteacher

Time to relax and come together

As in all schools, our staff work hard, but we actively help them switch off too. We schedule a ‘Free Week’ each term, to create a bit of extra breathing space for staff and students alike. And we create regular opportunities for our team to come together and have fun, believing that social events are not just for Christmas

“Community is a big thing here, and a lot of time is taken to discuss how to improve the experience of staff members and make it a lovely place to work. We feel the impact all the time.” Department Director

Specialist wellbeing support

We have also invested in a staff wellbeing platform, which provides support from a specialist team who understand the demands of working in education. It includes emotional support and counselling, help with managing work-life balance, financial and legal information, and access to CBT.