advice from year 7

We asked six of our current year 7 students for their top tips on joining the Archer Academy. Here is what they had to say….

What would be your 5 top tips to our incoming cohort of Year 7 Archers?

Don’t panic – the transition is smoother than you think!
The school may seem big, but don’t worry. That’s just because it’s all new.
Although there is more homework than you may be used to, it’s a manageable amount, and the teachers are really understanding if you need help
You’ll make new friends. Just be open and be yourself!
Prepare your schoolbag and clothes the night before – this will help you stay organised.

Melody M – 7MGO

How would you describe a typical week at the Archer, under normal circumstances?

School starts at 8:30 am every day and you go straight to lesson. We have two lessons before break where you can have snacks in the cafeteria if you like. Next, comes two more lessons. These are again an hour each. Sometimes you might have a double lesson like PE. Lunchtime is at 12:50 pm. This is a great time to eat something, catch up with friends and go see any teachers if you need help with anything. After lunch on Mondays, Wednesday and Friday’s we have two more lessons. On a Tuesday and Thursday, we only have one, as we have enrichment after school. This is a chance for us to pick different topics every term to learn more about different topics in a creative way. So far this year, I’ve done self-defence, science club and drama and I have loved them all! At the end of each day, we also have form time. This is where our form group have a chance to come together, talk about our days, share our achievements as well as any worries or problems we may be having. Once a week, we also have year group assemblies. These are when we have talks about different topics, or from people outside of school as well as hear about whole school events and competitions. Overall, it’s a jam-packed week that flies by because it’s so full of fun things!

Isabella F – 7RAH

What are the teachers like?

At the Archer, the teachers are so lovely. They will support you with any issues that you have at home or if you are struggling at school. You can always ask them for help, whether if it’s a mistake on a set piece of homework or something you don’t understand in lesson.

Finley B – 7JVA

How do you find your way around the building?

I have now pretty much memorised my timetable now, as has everyone else. Finding classrooms is pretty easy.  There are three floors, the ground floor, first floor and second floor. On the ground floor all of the classrooms are start with LG. Then is the room number. The first is LF and the second is LS. That way you always know what floor you are looking for.

Alexander Matthews – 7JVA

What would be your top 3 tips for making new friendships?

Be yourself! People will like you for you
Don’t overthink making friends, it’s easier than you think
Try not to hang out with the same people. Try to make new friends.

Erin W – 7ADE

A final message to our new students

Be bold, enthusiastic and have fun.

Willow S – 7SCL