Advice from current year 7s

What would be your top tips to our incoming cohort of year 7 Archers?

  1. Don’t stress. Secondary school may be a little scary at first but you’ll grow to love it
  2. Never do your homework last minute – try to plan ahead
  3. Don’t worry about getting into trouble. As long as you try to do the right thing, you’ll be fine
  4. If you are worried about the transition to the Archer Academy, make sure to tell someone who can help like your form tutor
  5. Be yourself!

How would you describe a typical week at the Archer Academy?

Every week you have the same timetable but it will feel different. You will take a staggered start to homework starting with core subjects (Maths, English, Science) followed by humanities and modern foreign languages. Then from after the first half term, you will be set homework in every subject. In Year 7, an assembly will take place every Wednesday. Enrichment is a key thing in the Archer Academy. It happens between 3–4 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays and is lots of fun.

What are the teachers like?

Most of the teachers are really nice especially Miss Ogbaselase (Head of Year 7). She will help you with your transition really well. You can gain merit points as a reward if you work hard, and there are sanctions too if you do something wrong. Every teacher will support your learning and teach you everything you need to know right up until Year 11.

How do you find your way around the building?

There is a sensible one-way system in place which makes it much easier to find your way around. But if you are struggling to find your way around, you can ask a teacher or student to help. Everyone is really friendly. Toilets are found at the end of every corridor.

What would be your top three tips for making new friendships?

  • Use a topic that you are both interested in to start conversations
  • Try to make friends with others in your classes – this can make things easier
  • Be friendly towards everyone

How might the Phantom Tollbooth book help with your transition to Archer?

There are different points and events at Archer and it is all a big adventure, a bit like the Phantom Tollbooth. The book relates to the fantastic journey you are about to begin…

Do you have a final message for our new students?

Don’t stress, have fun, good luck and have a wonderful Year 7!