2023 Admissions Consultation

In accordance with the requirement in the School Admissions Code for admission authorities to consult on their admission arrangement at least once every 7 years, the Archer Academy Trust undertook a consultation on its admissions arrangements for admission for 2025-26.

Having reviewed the current admission arrangements and relevant admission data each year, the Trust are satisfied that the criteria reflect the school’s founding vision and ethos and comply with the School Admissions Code. Consequently, no changes were proposed to the over-subscription criteria.


The consultation ran from Friday 1st December until Friday 26th January 2024. Information about the consultation was included on the school’s website, included in newsletters to parents and circulated to local stakeholders inviting them to respond via a short survey. The consultation was also included in Barnet Council’s coordinated admissions consultation, which was circulated to relevant stakeholders during that time.


There was a modest response to the consultation with just a handful of people completing the survey. This is in marked contrast to the last admissions consultation where over 1,700 responses were received.


Of those who responded to the consultation, three-quarters said they strongly supported the proposed (unchanged) admissions arrangements and one quarter said they strongly opposed them. Trust Members considered both the views expressed, as well as the much-reduced level of response to the consultation. Considering these, the Trust concluded that no changes are required to the admissions oversubscription criteria at this time and determined that the arrangements should remain unchanged for 2025-26. You can read the admissions policy for 2025-2026 here.