GCSE results 2020

Today has enabled us to celebrate the huge accomplishments of our Year 11 students in person. We are simply so proud of the superb results that they have achieved, the result of their hard work, effort and determination.

The Class of 2020 have been placed under the most incredible pressure but their results have seen all the hard work pay off.

As a school we settle for nothing but the best and our students have once again been triumphant, in the most challenging of circumstances. The examination series of 2020 will certainly go down in the history books and not for all the right reasons. However, students have excelled and our results have surpassed the outstanding results of the previous two years. One third of students achieved at least one Grade 9 and over one third of all grades in English and Maths achieved were 7+. In fact, almost half of all grades are at 7 or higher.

The progress our students have made as a group continues to be well above national expectations, and their attainment puts us once again among the UK’s best state schools.  Most notably our sustained upward trend in relation to student’s achievement over time, from their starting points has continued and has accelerated.

This year’s grades were calculated from teacher assessment based upon a rigorous professional framework that reflected all that teachers knew of each student’s work, progress and potential.  A small percentage of grades were uplifted following national standardisation, in line with other schools.

Headteacher Miss Harrison commented: ‘I am simply so proud of what my students have achieved; all their hard work has truly paid off. Each young person, supported by their parents and their wonderful teachers have secured such excellent results. This has been such a stressful and anxious time for our Year 11 cohort and they have faced unprecedented levels of uncertainty.

The results the students have been awarded reflect their hard work and effort and I am so pleased that the national decision was taken, in time, to use the grades calculated by their expert teachers. The process led at school to generate Centre Assessment Grades was complex and thorough, the responsibility felt by every teacher was so great. Our students are so very dear to us and their commitment to their studies and school life so respected.

The class of 2020 have overcome so much and now have so much to look forward to. Well done.’

We are delighted that the vast majority of our students have secured their first choice of 6th form courses and this will see most transition to Woodhouse College for A Level study or Barnet and Southgate College for vocational courses. The significance of our strategic partnership with Woodhouse College has secured a smooth progression for so many of our students, they are very lucky to move onto such an outstanding learning environment. However, students have also secured places at a host of other excellent institutions, including: UCS, Highgate School, King’s College Maths School, Ada College, Fortismere School and APS.


Our students: celebrating their success

Sebastian secured an incredible 9 Grade 9s and 1 Grade 8 and is heading off to Woodhouse College to study English Literature, Maths, Spanish and History. Sebastian said, So happy with the results, it’s the end of a long journey and there couldn’t have been a better outcome.’

Abdi secured an incredible suite of grades (7796664584) and is heading off to Woodhouse College to study Biology, Chemistry and Maths. Abdi said of his grades ‘I am so thrilled and a bit relieved. They are much better than I expected! I have really loved my time at Archer, I have felt so supported but also stretched to achieve my potential’. I am so looking forward to the future and hope to become a doctor.

Emma achieved a superb set of results (967799857) and is moving onto Woodhouse College to study Art, History, Psychology and Dance. ‘I am so proud of my results, I worked really hard and wanted to do well. The school closure and cancellation of exams was really stressful. I am so sad to be leaving school, it has been amazing but I am excited for the future.’

Dora, Head Girl, has secured an outstanding suite of results (9887789989) and is heading off to Woodhouse College to study Biology, Chemistry and Spanish. Dora aspires to be a doctor in the future. Dora said of her results ‘So happy with the results. Experience at Archer has been very special. Staff always on a one to one basis so that no one falls behind. Throughout lockdown no one has been left in the dark, we have received regular updates and been well supported.’

Three students thoroughly enjoying their Leavers’ hoodies. Very stylish!

Ashling and Ikra proudly show off their Leavers’ Books and are both heading off to College. ‘We are so sad to be leaving school but excited for college and new opportunities.  We will really miss our teachers’

Amy and Jodie proudly discussing their results. Amy is heading off to Barnet College to study a Sports Apprenticeship and hopes to be a PE Teacher in the future. Jodie is heading off to Barnet College to study Child Development and hopes to be a Nursery Nurse in the future.

Julia achieved an incredible set of results (8898989969) and is heading off to Highgate School to study Biology, Chemistry, History and French. Julia said, ‘I am so happy, completely speechless. Excited to go to Highgate but will miss Archer so much.’

Joe stormed his results, achieving 8 Grade 9’s and 2 Grade 8’s. Joe is progressing to Woodhouse to study Maths, Economics and Geography. Joe said ‘So Very pleased. I was nervous with the Algorithm changes. I am particularly pleased with Spanish. I have had such a very positive school experience and have felt well supported particularly with all the resources for exams and revision.’

Alex achieved stunning results, achieving 6 Grade 9’s, 3 Grade 8’s and 1 Grade 6. Alex said: ‘Happy, surprised and delighted. Super happy with English, the best I’ve ever done. I am hoping to study Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and Physics at Woodhouse and hoping to eventually do a Chemistry degree at Oxford!’

Sophie secured wonderful results 7 Grade 9s and 2 Grade 8’s. Sophie said ‘I am shocked and overwhelmed with the results. Ecstatic! I did not think I would ever get such good results. My school experience has been really good. Lots of support and intervention to help.’ Sophie is heading off to Woodhouse to study Art, History and Law and would like a career in Art in the future.