We were delighted to welcome nearly 200 Year 6 students to a series of taster lessons before half term. The students took part in a range of subjects including Spanish, Science and Music and seemed to thoroughly enjoy experiencing a different curriculum and specialised equipment.
Our Year 6 guests were looked after our Year 7 buddies who did a wonderful job of calming nerves and supporting the students in such a new environment.


So what did our Year 6 visitors think about the experience?

“We got to do some amazing stuff like making rockets and testing them to see if they work. And the key rings we made were so cool. Hopefully in the future I can go to the Archer Academy.” Samiha, Martin Primary School

“I was delighted to find such a unique and brilliant school perched on my doorstep. Besides the teachers and staff were very cheerful & welcoming. Overall an outstanding learning environment.” Jacob, Tetherdown Primary School

“We did all my favourite subjects, Science & DT. I really enjoyed all the subjects and teachers and I’m really looking forward to joining Archer in Year 7”. Sumaya, Highgate Primary School.

“I got to learn new things and I got to explore the Archer Academy lessons. I also enjoyed working with the teachers because they were kind and helpful just like the students.” Brisa, St Theresa’s

“I got to have first-hand experience of secondary school and to build relationships with the teachers before I start Year 7.” Evie, Brookland Junior School


We asked our Year 6 guests if they had any questions. Many of them did and the answers are below.

Q: Hopefully when I come, when we are at Stanley Road, would we still go to Allianz Park for PE? May I also ask if we are allowed to play football at break & lunch? From Ben, Tudor Primary School.

We are very excited about our new lower school campus on Stanley Road. The building work is going incredibly well. We will have our own sports facilities from September 2015, therefore, we won’t need to go to Allianz Park every week. You will most certainly be allowed to play football at break and lunchtime.


Q: When we are in classes and we switch rooms for a different subject, will we always be together? Gisselle, St Theresa’s Primary School.

In Year 7 you have some lessons in your tutor groups but throughout the day you work with different children depending on which class you are in. For example you may have Maths in one class and Dance in another.


Q: Does the Archer have a good mathematics class? Alexander, Garden Suburb Junior

Maths is one of our specialist subjects at the Archer Academy. You will study Maths for four hours each week. We are very proud of the progress that our students have made in Maths during their first year with us. Mr Morgan is our Head of Maths and is passionate about everything number related!