The Archer Academy was established in 2013 under the free schools initiative, providing 150 places per year group, with an admissions policy that gave priority to children from three local postcodes N2, NW11 and N3. 

As part of the set-up process, the Department for Education required evidence of local demand for our school. We demonstrated this by asking people if they would fill out a survey saying that they would send their children to the Archer Academy if it opened.  When the responses came back, around 90% came from within the N2, N3 and NW11 postcodes, which is why these postcodes were prioritised in the admissions policy.

The Archer Academy Trust reviews the admissions data and policy every year.  The number of applications to the school has increased and the catchment area has reduced in three consecutive years.  With demand for school places projected to grow, it is likely that this trend will continue.

In our vision for the school, we explicitly aimed to support children at our local primary schools, in the priority postcodes, to move to secondary school together. A continuing increase in demand for places will put at risk our aim of serving N2, N3 and NW11 children by shrinking the catchment area to levels that will exclude significant areas from gaining places. We have therefore concluded that a change is necessary to preserve the founders’ vision and reflect the support the school received when being set up.

To address this, the Trust have reviewed the School Admissions Code, looked at available research and good practice guidance and explored various options, such as: feeder schools; random ballots; random ballots by postcode and fixed allocations by postcode.  Further consideration was also given to the operational impact of any changes and the need to provide a robust and effective Year 6 transition programme. 

As a result of this review, the Trust now proposes to allocate 55 out of the 150 places available to children attending local primary schools in the area, from September 2017.

Brookland Junior School (15 places)
Hampstead Garden Suburb Junior School (15 places)
Manorside Primary School (5 places)
Martin Primary School (15 places)
Tudor Primary School (5 places)

We have allocated 5 places per Year 6 class in each primary school.  These schools have been chosen as they are (i) local (within 1.5 miles of the Archer Academy) (ii) based within (and offering a spread across) our priority postcodes and (iii) reflect the Archer Academy’s non-denominational, non-selective and co-educational schooling ethos. 

This approach is intended to ensure we continue to serve children in N2, NW11 and N3 and deliver a successful Year 6 transition programme for our students by forging stronger links with local primary schools.

You can take part in the consultation here and view our proposed admissions arrangements here.

You can also read the answers to some frequently asked questions about our admissions consultation here.