Parent Voice Survey December 2014

At the Archer Academy we are keen to ensure that all parents are actively involved in the life and development of our school. At the end of every term we ask all parents to complete a questionnaire to find out their views on how we are performing.

The results of our questionnaire feed into wider school self evaluation and improvement planning. We base our questions upon the Ofsted parent questionnaire framework.

We are delighted with the endorsement provided by our parents at the end of our first term with two year groups of students. Our students have made an excellent start to the academic year and clearly our parents see this too. You can see the results of our questionnaire in full below.

Many of the parents who answered the questionnaire also took the time to share some more personal thoughts with us; here are some of the highlights:

 “I find the school a marvellous environment for learning. The teachers are very kind and caring; a very nurturing environment.”

“Amazing first term. The school has exceeded our expectations. Keep up the great work!”

“I am proud that my child attends the Archer Academy.”

“My daughter thoroughly enjoys coming to school and all aspects of her time here.”

“My son is well supported and seems to enjoy school. I am very happy with the school and find communication easy with the staff.”

“My daughter is very happy at Archer Academy and I am very pleased with the progress that she is making.”

“My son enjoys the Archer Academy and is always eager to go to school. He finds school socially, emotionally and academically fulfilling.”

“I couldn’t be happier with the school and staff. I’m impressed with the school-home communication and the way my child is always encouraged and praised for her efforts while very well supported. Thank you.”


Statements Rated good/excellent
1.    My child enjoys school.  91%
2.    The teaching at the school is good.  95%
3.    Behaviour at the school is good.  84%
4.    I feel that my child is safe and well cared for at school.  97%
5.    The school is well led and managed effectively.  96%
6.    I am informed about my child’s progress.  94%
7.    Homework is set regularly.  88%
8.    My child receives appropriate homework for their age and ability.  84%
9.    The school helps me to support my child’s learning.  90%
10.  The school responds well to any concern I raise.  88%
11.  My child is encouraged to do well.  93%
12.  My child is enjoying their lessons.  81%
13.  My child is making good progress.  89%
14.  My child enjoys their lunches at school.  56%
15.  My child enjoys PE and sport at Copthall/Allianz Park.  74%
16.  My child enjoys their break time. 80%
17.  My child finds the uniform practical and comfortable.  73%
18.  My child enjoys their enrichment activities.  86%
19.  I find the newsletter helpful and that it keeps me up to date with what is happening at school.  90%
20.  Overall, I am happy with my child’s experience at the Archer Academy.  95%

 Of course, although we are delighted with the overall responses to our questionnaire, we aren’t complacent; in particular, we have noted that our lunchtime provision is not as well-received as we would like, and that a number of students are not enjoying PE as much as we would have hoped. Both these aspects of school life are currently under discussion as we make plans for our Stanley Road campus; we will share any developments with parents when we can.