When we opened the Archer Academy, we were able to start from a blank canvas and create the best possible solutions for teaching, learning and pastoral care. Here are the aspects of our school that we and our parents think make us stand out.

  • Our nurturing environment in which every child matters

With just 25 students in each tutor group, a child-focused lower and upper school set-up and a commitment to working in partnership with parents to support our students, the Archer Academy is a place where children feel confident, secure and supported from the moment they arrive.

  • Our hand-picked team of teachers

It is a real luxury to be able to build a teaching team from scratch, and we are delighted with the calibre of the teachers we have brought on board. Our dynamic, motivated heads of department are exceptional leaders with a proven track record at GCSE level and above, and they are supported by an able, enthusiastic teaching team.

  • Our high expectations for academic achievement

We are determined that every one of our students will realise their potential, both within our school and in preparation for their future careers and further education. We create an individual learning plan for each child, setting them challenging but achievable targets and ensuring that they reach them. We also set students by ability in core subjects, and start encouraging them to think about careers and university as early as Year 7.

  • Our challenging, creative curriculum

We have created a broad, balanced curriculum that will inspire and enthuse our students in equal measure. As well as specialising in the all-important subjects of English and Maths, and offering a wide range of subjects through and beyond the national curriculum, we give our students opportunities to work on in-depth, cross-curricular projects that will teach them to think analytically and creatively.

  • Our enriching extra-curricular opportunities

With a wide range of options such as debating society, orchestra, photography and football, our enrichment programme allows students to discover their passions and develop their talents outside of the curriculum. We consider this to be such a valuable experience that it takes place twice a week, and is compulsory for all students.

  • Our position at the heart of our community

Our school has been created by our community for our community, and so being part of that community is a crucial part of our ethos. The Archer Academy gives students the opportunity to continue their education with friends they made at primary school and get involved with their local community, through links with local businesses, organisations, events and guest speakers.

  • Our facilities, equipment and IT provision

From our new sports facilities at Stanley Road to our high student-to-IT-device ratios, we have worked with expert providers to equip our urban campus school and make it a first-class environment for teaching and learning.

  • Our thorough, thoughtful transition programme

Our transition process is designed to ensure that we know our students even before they put on their Archer Academy uniform. We have put together an unusually thorough programme for Year 6 that includes:

*Taster events, lessons and workshops * A personal interview with each child and their parents * A meeting with each child’s primary school teacher *The creation of a transition portfolio to showcase the best of each child’s primary school work *A dedicated student ‘VIP ZONE’ website with weekly online challenge *The Archer’s Toolkit – a step by step guide to Archer Academy life on a memory stick