Welcome to Year 8

After a year at the Archer Academy, our students are now fully trained in the Archer Way and know all they need to know about life at secondary school. This year is the beginning of the transition into becoming a young adult; and they will have some adult decisions to make. They will be asked to make some important choices about the subjects they plan to study for their GCSEs – this is the first major step toward their future careers.

Lessons will operate in the same format as last year, and students will study a wide-ranging subject curriculum with a little more depth and difficulty. As with their first year, there will be a new and exciting enrichment programme to choose from. They will share enrichment sessions with the new Year 7 cohort, which is an excellent opportunity to make some new friends and set themselves up as a good role models to the younger Archers.

We expect our Year 8 students to use their time at school very wisely, making the most of their lessons and building upon the positive relationships they have with peers and teachers. In order to make the best decisions about their Year 9 curriculum, it is a good time for them to reflect upon their subject strengths and passions and ensure they are working to the best of their efforts and abilities.