June Exam Week, 8th to the 12th June 2015

All students in Year 7 and Year 8 sit examinations in English, Maths, Science, History, Geography and French/Spanish in the week of the 8th June. These formal examinations will take place during usual lesson times. Some of the examinations will be two hours long and will therefore take place over two lessons. Subject teachers will highlight with their classes when examinations will take place in the week.

The links below provide an exam guide relevant for a student, dependent on their year group. Each exam guide provides an overview of the key topics and skills that students should to revise for each examination to secure their success.

Year 7 Exam Guide

Year 8 Exam Guide 

SAM Learning – supporting your child with their revision :  

SAM Learning is an online resource available to Archer Academy students to support their revision and promote independent learning. All students have their online account. Please go to www.samlearning.com for your more information and click on the link below for information about how to support your child with logging on.

SAM learning information