At the Archer Academy you will follow a very exciting curriculum. It will feel very different to primary school because you will study a greater range of subject areas.

A highlight of your curriculum from September will be Thematic Learning, in which you will study one theme across a variety of subject areas. The purpose of Thematic Learning is to help you develop your thinking skills. We hope that you will very quickly become an expert at using your personal learning and thinking skills through your studies, we call these PLTS. Your PLTS involve you developing the following skills (the mnemonic SECRET is an easy way to remember them): 


Self Manager

Effective Participator

Creative Thinker

Reflective Learner

Independent Enquirer

Team Worker

You will study Thematic Learning for 4 hours each week. Your subjects are organised into two schools of learning: the School of Communication and Expression, involving English, Arts, Humanities and Languages, and the School of Logic and Invention,involving Mathematics, Science, Technology and Physical Education. You will study the same theme across both schools of learning.

You will start Year 7 by investigating the theme of Our school, our community. This theme will provide you with an excellent opportunity to investigate your local area and plan ways in which you think it could be made even better. You will work towards presenting your own lord mayor’s speech to important people within our community such as our MP Mike Freer at a special evening (we will also invite your Year 6 teachers and primary school headteachers so that they can see how you have been getting on!)

This year Archer students have also enjoyed studying the following themes: Wonders of Winter, Guernica and Space and have just finished their work on Heroes and Villains. Thematic Learning work is displayed around the school. When you come for a taster lesson make sure you have a look – it is wonderful and will give you some more ideas about things you have to look forward to. Archer students are studying Theme Parks this half term and will work towards designing their own (they also get to visit one!)

Thematic Learning will provide you with the opportunity to think outside the box and stretch and challenge yourself. We know that you will thoroughly enjoy learning such a range of new knowledge and skills.