Year 7

The book list this term is based on titles that have been nominated, shortlisted or finalists of the Carnegie award. The prestigious Carnegie award recognises outstanding authors of children’s literature every year. In order for an author to be nominated for the award, they have to have written a book enjoyed by many and recognised by judges as being important for children. It is often described by authors and illustrators as ‘the one they want to win’ – they are the gold standard in children’s literature. We will have copies of all the below titles in the library.

Year 7 Reading List


Year 8

Book suggestions are separated into genres, ranging from horror to fantasy. Books vary from simple to challenging in terms of topic and language.

Year 8 Reading List


Year 9

This half term, Year 9 will be looking at a range of non-fiction texts in their lessons to prepare them for the English Language GCSE. They will be analysing how the audience and purpose of the texts effects the language and structure used. The book list focusses on a varied selection of non-fiction texts, ranging from autobiographies to websites, in order to appeal to different interests and abilities.

Year 9 Reading List