Community Literacy Project: The Phantom Tollbooth

For many years, Archer Academy and partner primary schools have worked collaboratively on a Community Literacy Project to support the transition from year 6 to year 7.  It has become a firm tradition across the schools and enables a shared and common experience for all students as they start year 7, whichever primary school they are joining from.

The project focuses on Norton Juster’s famous novel, The Phantom Tollbooth. It focuses on a bored child who is whisked off on a series of journeys to different lands; ideal themes for children about to start an exciting journey of their own to secondary school. The novel is one of the top 50 books all children should have read by the time they leave primary school, as suggested by authors and compiled by The Independent. The book was nominated by Philip Pullman, and its beautiful language and tales of adventure have truly captured the imaginations of children across the community.

We asked some famous faces, as well as Archer teachers, to get involved and each read a chapter of the story, Jackanory style, to the year 6 students involved. We are delighted that actors: Steve Pemberton, Reece Shearsmith, Nicola Stephenson, Katherine Parkinson and Ralf Little, as well as self-care guru, Katia Narain Phillips all agreed to take part.

Archer students have also created a study guide for The Phantom Tollbooth which can be accessed here. Students and teachers involved in the project should click on the introduction and then each chapter and the video will start playing.

Phantom image 1

Let’s get started on Milo’s adventures, please click here for the resource guide.

The Phantom Tollbooth

Headteacher – Miss Harrison

Chapter One
Headteacher – Miss Harrison

Chapter Two
Head of Year 7 – Miss Ogbaselase

Chapter Three
Actor – Steve Pemberton

Chapter Four
Head of English – Miss Walker

Chapter Five
Drama teacher – Mr Carter

Chapter Six
Actor – Reece Shearsmith

Chapter Seven
English teacher – Mr Menzies

Chapter Eight
Head of Drama – Miss Rodford

Chapter Nine
Actor – Katherine Parkinson

Chapter Ten
English teacher – Mr Harris

Chapter Eleven
Actor – Nicola Stephenson

Chapter Twelve
Actor – Ralf Little

Chapter Thirteen
Head of Science – Mr Wick

Chapter Fourteen
History Teacher – Ms Vandervelde and school dog, Rufus

Chapter Fifteen
English Teacher – Ms Bailey

Chapter Sixteen
Well Being Expert and author – Katia Narain Phillips

Chapter Seventeen
Assistant Head – Mrs Mahoney

Chapter Eighteen
Librarian – Ms Appelquist

Chapter Nineteen
English Teacher – Mrs Bickers

Chapter Twenty
Head of Lower School – Ms Martin