A cold week in December, tis’ the season for music concerts up and down schools in the UK, and December 10th proved the Archer Academy no different. In fact we held our first ever Musical Review which demonstrated a wealth of early musical talent, putting on a show that would rival some longer established schools. Close to 60 students were involved in this musical extravaganza, opening with a rousing rendition of a rock’n’roll classic from the school’s 11 week old orchestra.

All enrichment groups were included, each headed by a local musical professional, and featuring an eclectic variety of styles. Rock bands, singing groups and talented (and brave!) soloists took to the stage to deliver one excellent performance after another.

Ms Humphrey, teacher of music, said this:
“This was a landmark evening for Music at the Archer Academy. I am so impressed by the enthusiasm and dedication that our young musicians have given to this event, and to their rehearsals. We have achieved something truly remarkable, and not a hint of One Direction!”

Music Review 1

Music Review 2

Music Review 3