Mobile phone expectations

We recognise that many parents find their child carrying a mobile phone to and from school a comfort. However, we are also aware that some students find the temptation of a smartphone in the school bag too large a one to ignore.

Mobile phones with cameras and smartphones are therefore banned from school. Students are permitted to bring a mobile phone to school as long as it does not have a camera and it is not a smartphone. They must keep their mobile phone switched off, in their locker, throughout the school day.

Mobile phones are a distraction to learning; they are not needed within school, and they can lead children to making poor decisions which they then later regret. We have been praised for this approach by our local police liaison officer who has recently been meeting with all secondary headteachers regarding increased concerns about muggings of smartphones from outside secondary schools.

We are not saying students cannot have a mobile phone with a camera or a smartphone; simply that it must not be brought to school.