The Maths Feast

Last week, eight year 10 students from Archer Academy travelled to St. Dominic’s Sixth Form College for a Year 10 Maths Feast, an incredible, challenging team competition testing their mathematical, team-working and communication skills. The two teams faced four timed rounds of questions, the most challenging of which was based solely on a new A-level subject none of the students had seen before. The two Archer teams were brilliant, they came overall second yet were consistently high scorers every round.

UKMT Group Challenge

Four students on Tuesday 3rd March took part in a national Maths Challenge. This challenge entails teams of four students from around the UK taking part in engaging mathematical activities while developing communication and teamwork skills. Well done to: Viggo G, Kaelyn S, Zohar A-K and Nina T for representing The Archer with both their Maths skills and effective team work. We eagerly await further results.

UKMT Intermediate Results

Last month, year 10 and 11 students were invited to take part in the Intermediate Maths Challenge. Across the country approximately 4,000 students entered the competition, 63 of whom were Archers. Of these the students achieved: 18 Bronze certificates, 12 Silver certificates and 8 Gold certificates. A special congratulations to Alex C who got ‘best in Year 11, best in the school’ with a staggering 123 out of a possible 130 marks, closely followed by Louie M with 122 marks. Both of these students are invited to take part in the Maclaurin Olympiad, a 2-hour competition consisting of only six problems, requiring full written solutions.

A further congratulations to Georgios G who got ‘best in Year 10’. He along with five other students are invited to take part in the Pink Kangaroo.  This is a 60-minute multiple choice challenge, consisting of 25 mathematical problems. These students are: Alex W, Eleni K, Lorenzo A, Jacob M and Sebastian K.

The Maths team are proud of all of the students who took part and of these remarkable results. We look forward to working with all students before the next round on Thursday 19th March 2020, please do wish them further luck!

The Maths Feast2
The Maths Feast