Holocaust Memorial Day

Hi my name is Ella and I’m in year 11. I have been very privileged to witness 5 Holocaust memorial assemblies at my time in Archer. I was even part of a few of them, yet somehow this one touched my heart a little more than the others. We had an extremely emotional speech from Sir Eric Reich. He talked to us about his experiences coming to England on the Kindertransport. I was fascinated as I realised it was almost identical to my grandfather’s story, They were almost the same age and both had two older siblings to guide them through it. His story was truly inspirational and will not be forgotten by anyone. I was lucky enough to greet him and talk to him prior to the assembly. This assembly opened a lot of people’s minds to the atrocities that six million jews had to go through. I hope to be part of many more opportunities like this in my life and I’m so lucky to be in a school which provides these opportunities.

Holocaust Memorial Day2020