Commemorating Black History Month

The first week in October saw the launch of Black History Month. We started off with a whole school virtual assembly which acknowledged the purpose and significance of this month, and enabled us as to set out our aims, vision and hopes for equality, inclusion and diversity within our school community and beyond.

Without a doubt recent events have sparked a need for conversation. The Black Lives Matter Virtual Panel Discussion featuring MP David Lammy in July, provided a profound opportunity to think critically and honestly about the various and multi-layered issues surrounding race. Our students are eager to continue this conversation whilst fully understanding that this is a journey which requires continuous thought and action.

This year our students are taking take the lead. Year 11 students Mouni and Kyron introduced themselves as members of the leadership team and ambassadors for diversity. They explained the need to ensure this October is not a ‘token’ month but a platform to establish and evolve our priorities for the coming year. They are keen to listen to the thoughts of their peers and have organised a suggestion box which will be placed in the Upper School HOY office from Tuesday 6th October.

Additionally, the student Black Lives Matter Committee, the staff Diversity and Inclusion Committee and The History Department lead on a range of activities throughout the month to provide opportunities to educate, discuss and progress together.

black history month