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Watch our report here: and lots more photos of our trip are on Facebook.

On Tuesday 19th November, we went to Sky Studios. Before we left school, Mr Carter had given us an interesting talk on how we could save our oceans and planet. When we had arrived at Sky HQ, we had been given an exclusive tour around their newly built campus (it was huge)! Sadly, we didn’t get a chance to see all departments or Thierry Henry for that matter, as our school had been selected to part take in a voice sampling opportunity. This was top secret so can’t say anymore on it, but do look out for a new product that Sky are launching in the new year.

Later on, in the main building, the workers took us in a small room, which had four different studios. We were in different groups and had to make a short presentation about recycling plastic. We had the idea to recycle plastic from the ocean to make plastic phone cases. Another idea was making Eco-Can. We had an amazing time during this trip. Everyone was excited and grateful. We found creating our campaign unique and fun. They also gave us the privilege to use the cameras, green screen and the editing software.

The different jobs that we were given to perform were Editor, Director, Project Manager, Special effects, camera operator and lastly presenters. Although we only could choose one role, we decided them fairly. Everyone got what they wanted and had done a successful job of it by using their voices and facial expressions. At the end of the editing process, the Sky team had got us to showcase each other’s work and had been given a Sky Studios USB as memorabilia. Thank you to all teachers for making this trip possible.

Written by Angelina, Vanessa and Jasper (Yr7)

And a quote from the Sky Academy Manager:

“…your students are the best group we’ve ever seen! When you next book, forget about the lottery, I’ll personally put you on our VIP list.”

– Sky Academy Manager