Adventures in Numberland


The school has relished exploring all things mathematical during our week long maths festival – Archer’s Adventures in Numberland.

We were delighted to welcome over 150 parents, students and staff to hear mathematician, Alex Bellos talk about the origin of numbers, the world’s favourite number and solve some challenging maths puzzles. We discovered that the real life biological version of the Fibonacci Sequence (with rabbits) would result in a pair of rabbits producing over 2 billion offspring over a 7 year lifetime.

Well done to students: Samuel C, Zuzanna C, Fergus L, August G, Alix Z, Georgios G, Tia B, Alex C and Can V-C, who shared the highlights of their week, from the Year 7 Fibonacci Project, the Year 8-9 Sierpinski Triangle, the Digits of Pi Form Competition, the recent Year 10 Planetarium Trip, the Hidden Figures Film Night, and the incredible Mathemagician visit by Andrew Jeffreys on Monday.