6th Form News

6th Form News

The Archer Academy and Woodhouse College hosted a joint press conference this morning to announce the development of an active strategic partnership which will create exceptional opportunities for both partners, and a clear 11-18 pathway for Archer Academy students. We were delighted to welcome Mike Freer MP, as well as Avis Johns, Archer Academy Chair of Governors and Ian Phillips, Woodhouse College Chair of Governors to the Upper School at the Archer Academy.

Lucy Harrison, the Archer Academy’s headteacher, said today: “I am thrilled to be entering into a strong, long-term partnership with Woodhouse College, an outstanding sixth form college which shares our vision for success and our ambitious, supportive approach to education and personal growth, both inside and outside of the classroom. We have a great deal to offer one another and have already started working together to share best practice in a number of areas. I know our students will be an asset to the Woodhouse College community and look forward to watching those of them who choose to follow this pathway progress to this next stage in their educational careers.”

And John Rubinstein, principal of Woodhouse College, echoed her thoughts, saying: “I am delighted to be starting this partnership with the Archer Academy. I have been following the development of the school with great interest and am hugely impressed with what I have seen of the energy and innovation of both students and staff. We share an ethos and a vision of enabling and challenging our young people to mature and develop in all the ways they can, to be the best that they can be. I am confident that this partnership will greatly enhance our ability to prepare our students for adult life and everything it brings, and look forward to developing the relationship further in the years ahead.”

Guests were treated to some wonderful music recitals including a violin duet from Archer Academy and Woodhouse College musicians playing the very apt Mozart’s Mirror Duet. Students from both establishments also gave impassioned speeches pondering the question ‘If the future is with young people, why are the adults making all the decisions’.

The decision will see the Archer Academy and Woodhouse College working closely together to enhance their provision across a range of areas, such as leadership and governance, staff training and development, resource and best practice sharing, curriculum development and moderation. The partnership also means that any Archer Academy students who meet the expected criteria for their courses will be given priority admission to Year 12 at Woodhouse College. The two student bodies will undertake a number of joint ventures together, providing opportunities for enrichment, leadership and transition which will greatly benefit both groups.

Please find further details of the partnership here: http://thearcheracademy.org.uk/sixth-form-partnership/  and on the Woodhouse website: http://www.woodhouse.ac.uk/the-beginning-of-a-beautiful-friendship-399-news.aspx