Changes to admissions arrangements for 2019-20

Over the last three years, the Trust has sought to find an appropriate mechanism through which to deliver our founding commitment to serve families from N2, N3 and NW11. This was initially delivered by the introduction of feeder schools in 2016, following a comprehensive consultation process, as well as legal advice that this was fair and compliant with the Admissions Code.

However, following complaints from three objectors in May 2018, the Office of the Schools Adjudicator (OSA) has determined that, while the aim to continue to serve all three postcodes is both lawful and reasonable, the use of feeder schools has proved ineffective in promoting the admission of children from N3 and NW11, and has produced unfair results. The adjudicator also directed us to make the required changes for 2019 admissions.

We are therefore complying with the adjudicator’s determination by removing the feeder schools mechanism from our oversubscription criteria, and replacing it with a quota-based allocation of places to each of the three priority postcodes.

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OSA determination report

Determined admissions arrangements 2019-20

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