2020 admissions consultation

Notice of intent to consult on admissions to Year 7 for September 2020

The trustees of the Archer Academy are required to determine our school admissions arrangements every year. This involves reviewing a range of related factors and then deciding whether any changes need to be made.

In considering the options this year, we have identified some developments, including changes to the admissions offer at several local schools and a growing body of evidence around parental preferences, which have led us to conclude that a change may be appropriate.

Furthermore, we are aware that there remains some discontent within our wider community which is causing concern and uncertainty for parents, as well as having an impact on our excellent staff and their operational responsibilities.

In order to address this uncertainty, and to respond to the changing educational landscape, we have therefore decided to carry out a further consultation on our policy for admission to Year 7 in 2020. The consultation will take place between October and December 2018.

Since the outset, we have sought to listen to our wider community and act in the fairest way possible within the remit of the admissions code. We recognise that secondary school preference is an emotive issue, but we also recognise our responsibility to balance the needs of a range of communities and to fulfil our founding commitment to serve families within N2, N3 and NW11.

Details of the new consultation will be published in the autumn.

Sanjay Maraj, Chair, the Archer Academy Trust, March 2018


Note: We had previously stated our intention to consult for 2019 admissions. However the timeframe required to complete the consultation process has resulted in this moving to 2020 admissions, as indicated above.