Teaching Staff Contact List

Name Role Email address
Miss R Ahmed Teacher of Science MissRAhmed@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Miss J Ainscough Teacher of Spanish MissJainscough@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Miss K Alcock Head of PE MissKalcock@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Miss N Ali Teacher of Maths MissNali@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Miss N Ashraf Teacher of Art MissNAshraf@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Mr W Au Teacher of DT/TLC MrsWau@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Mr J Barrow Teacher of Humanities MrJbarrow@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Mrs K Bickers Assistant SENDCO MrsKbickers@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Miss C Bowles 2nd in Science KS4 MissCbowles@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Ms S Brami Head of Vocational Curriculum MsSbrami@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Ms G Chocarro Teacher of MFL MsGchocarro@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Mr N Christopher Teacher of English MrNchristopher@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Mr K Clark Teacher of PE MrKclark@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Ms S Clarke Teacher of Art MsSclarke@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Mr M Constantinou Teacher of Humanities Mrmconstantinou@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Mr A Dean Teacher of Drama MrAdean@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Ms M Devi Head of History MsMdevi@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Mr J Eilon Teacher of Maths MrJeilon@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Miss M Evans Teacher of PE MissMevans@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Mr L Fuller Learning Mentor MrLFuller@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Mrs L Gillham Ass. Headteacher T&L MrsLgillham@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Mr R Gillo Senior Teacher Upper School MrRgillo@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Mr M Goulding Data Manager/Maths MrMgoulding@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Ms S Hacking Teacher of CPA MsShacking@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Mr J Harris Teacher of English MrJharris@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Ms S Hill Teacher of Maths MsShill@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Ms A Humphrey HOY11/Teacher of Music MsAhumphrey@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Miss C Jones Head of Music MissCjones@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Miss S Jouhal Head of Geography MissSjouhal@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Miss N Khan Teacher of Science MissNkhan@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Mrs S Khan Lead Practitioner Cog. & Learn MrsSkhan@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Mr L Latter Head of SEND/Inclusion MrLlatter@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Miss S Le Lead Practitioner (SEND) MissSle@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Ms A Martin HOY7/English MsAmartin@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Miss L McDonagh 2nd in Maths MissLmcdonagh@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Mrs G McMullan Head of MFL/G&T MrsGMcMullan@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Mr J McSherry HOY10/Teacher of PE MrJMcSherry@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Dr P Morrison AHT STEM/Head of Science DrPmorrison@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Mr S Mustafa HOY9/Teacher of Spanish MrSmustafa@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Mr O Naylor Ass.Headteacher P&W MrOnaylor@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Mr O Oakley Ass.Head Data/Systems MrOoakley@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Miss A Ogbaselase Teacher of History MissAogbaselase@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Ms T Patel Teacher of DT MsTpatel@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Mr D Pearson Head of AD&T MrDpearson@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Mr M Powney 2nd in English-KS4 MrMpowney@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Mrs L Quilley Lead Learning Mentor MrsLquilley@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Ms K Randall Head of Creative/Per. Art MsKrandall@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Mr T Rayner Teacher of Business Studies MrTrayner@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Ms A Rodford Teacher of CPA MsArodford@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Mr C Ruffles Head of Dept. Social Sciences MrCruffles@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Mr T Savage HOY8/English MrTsavage@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Miss T Severin Teacher of History MissTseverin@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Miss A Simms Teacher of Science MissAsimms@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Mr C Sun Teacher of Maths MrCsun@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Miss E Theve Teacher of MFL MissEtheve@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Mrs A Thornley Teacher of Geography MrsAthornley@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Mrs J Vandervelde Teacher of History/TLC MrsJvandervelde@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Ms F Walker 2nd in English MsFwalker@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Mrs D Wallace Learning Mentor MrsDWallace@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Mr J Wick 2nd in Science MrJwick@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Mrs C Williams Head of Maths MrsCwillliams@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Mr M Carter Teacher of Drama MrMcarter@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Mr J Raghuveer Associate Teacher MrJRaghuveer@thearcheracademy.org.uk
Mrs A Appelquist Librarian Mrsaappelquist@thearcheracademy.org.uk