British Science Week

We have had an amazing Science Week at the Archer Academy.  With so much on, it’s hard to pinpoint the specific wonders the students have enjoyed. Of course the most prominent and hilarious events have been at lunchtime where students at upper and lower schools have enjoyed many different practicals including: extracting DNA, dissections of chicken wings, lungs, and eyeballs, and of course the quintessential demonstration of methane bubbles where students have their hands (safely) caught alight!

We have also been honoured with Dr. Szydlo, a renowned chemist, visiting the Archer to demonstrate some incredible reactions ranging from ping-pong ball explosions to freezing air with liquid nitrogen. So many of the Y9 students lucky enough to see him in action stayed to talk to him about their own personal futures in science, it was a lovely sight.

Finally, we rounded off the week with awards to some incredible students who were deemed “Student Scientist of the Week,” and received bespoke golden lab-coats to wear proudly throughout the day. Well done to Lucy L 7ATH, Cari L-J 8ETH, John C-W 9SHA, Eduardo A-G 10SCL, Oliver P 10GMC and Isabelle S 11CHY.